Equipment Rental and Events

With every event, there is a need for event management. Equipment that needs to be rented and invitations to be sent out. To ensure the success of an event does not mean losing sleep prior to it.

Problems faced by the industry:

Failure to allocate right resources
Last minute changes
Uncontrolled budgeting
Failure in scheduling logistics
Shortening of lead time
Failing to keep on track

Events are needed in every industry; retail, government and even finance. Events can be a good way to promote your company and products.

Our Experience

By working with multiple companies across the different industries, DP Technology has proven to be a partner of choice by leaders in various industries by utilizing our skills and experiences, listening to the needs of our customers and understanding their concerns.

Delicated Support Team

Our committed team at DP Technology, now boasting almost 2 decades of experience in the area of ERP consulting, are always available on hand to provide the best in customer service and to meet and exceed every expectation.

Solution Provided

Schedule Jobs to increase accuracy
Increasing transparancy on real-time data
Inventory Management
Budgeting and Financial Management
Increase Mobility with Web-Client / Tablet access


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